Top 10 reasons why it’s hard to be an Illinois optimist

Last week we published this Top 10 list, which extolled the virtues of Illinoisans as a resilient lot. 

As it turned out, not everyone shared our optimism, least of all our many Facebook friends. Today’s Top 10 is dedicated to the not-so-optimistic commenters who sounded off on last week’s list. 

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Bill Daley Video Highlights

imageBrendan Bond

Bill Daley, who last week announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor in 2014, held his first press conference Monday, issuing sharp criticism of both of his presumptive opponents in the March 18 primary.

Here are highlights from Daley’s remarks, in which he focused on Gov. Pat Quinn’s failure to negotiate a settlement of the ongoing pension crisis and Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s remaining on the sidelines rather than giving legal guidance on which pension reform approach is constitutional.

On the need for Gov. Pat Quinn to get something done in this week’s special session in Springfield:

Why Daley would veto Senate Bill 2404 (the bill backed by Senate President John Cullerton and unions) if he were governor:

Gov. Pat Quinn should state publicly that he’ll veto SB 2404 and force its supporters to negotiate:

On Gov. Pat Quinn’s failure to show leadership throughout the pension crisis:

Workers must realize that failure to fix the system will mean their pension funds go broke during their retirement:

On the theory that House Speaker Michael Madigan is perpetuating the deadlock to make it easier for his daughter to be elected governor:



The Chicago Sun-Times cartoonist Jack Higgins envisions Sir Bill of Daley leading a crusade into the wild, untamed wilderness known as “downstate Illinois.” Will he survive? Will his regal name command respect? http://goo.gl/TVasA


Your Reboot Illinois daily news summary, June 14, 2013 


Matt Dietrich Executive editor

DIGGING IN With lawmakers returning to Springfield on Wednesday, here’s where we stand on pension reform: The unions have said changing so much as a letter on their bill will land the state in court. House Speaker Michael Madigan has so little interest in their bill that he has gutted it, replacing the original language with his own. Not a lot of room for compromise here, which doesn’t really matter when neither side is interested in it. We lay it out in today’s editorial.

FAST AND SHINY In cartoonist Scott Stantis’ vision of the Republican gubernatorial field car lot, the all-new, turbocharged 2014 Rauner looks mighty tempting next to the dependable favorites. But can it carry the groceries and get the kids to soccer practice? How does it handle in snow? Click the image to see all the models at the GOP dealership.

BUZZ VS. ZZZZZ’s Speaking of the 2014 race for governor, political consultant and former Illinois Democratic Party press secretary David Ormsby has a piece on Huffington Post this week remarking on how little excitement Bill Daley’s entry into the Democratic race for governor has generated. We’ve re-posted the whole thing on our Campaign 2014 running scorecard today. Sample excerpt: “‘I think in the Chicago area, the Daley name is still a great asset with all the bumps and bruises along the way,’ said (David) Axelrod.” Read the whole thing here.

SMALL BUSINESS, BIG FRUSTRATION The head of the Small Business Advocacy Council has had it with the gamesmanship that has wrecked the state’s business climate and made things harder for his members: “For the Illinois small business community, politics is not a sport and our legislature’s handling of the economy is no game. A dysfunctional government in Springfield causes uncertainly for small business owners and costs people jobs,” Elliot Richardson writes in an op-ed today. (It’s no coincidence that Illinois’ jobless rate of 9.3 percent is second highest in the nation.) Read it here!

WE NEED JOBS If you agree with Richardson that Illinois needs to make itself more business/jobs-friendly, help us send that message to Springfield. Sign on here..

A NEW VOICE Today we welcome blogger Celina Villanueva to Reboot Illinois. In her first post, she’s writing about the frustration of being a “guinea pig” for education reform experiments as she attended public schools growing up in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. The recent corruption scandal at top levels of the politically connected UNO charter school organization is a prime example, she writes today. Welcome to the discussion, Celina!

TWEET OF THE DAY Illinois treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford is an avid user of social media. Too avid for some of his followers apparently:

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DAILY TIP-OFF Here’s a rundown of what’s happening in Illinois news today. We’ve got a whole lot more links in the Daily Tip-Off section of our website.

  • With a special legislative session looming, leaders in the General Assembly have moved farther apart on pension reform (Reuters)
  • Officials cite $96 billion as the state’s pension debt, but the real figure is much higher (Dennis Byrne/Chicago Now)
  • Phasing out the 2011 state income tax increase would be a disaster (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  • State officials last year promised better oversight of millions of dollars in state grants for job training. The promise has gone unfulfilled (Chicago Tribune)
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said a property tax increase may be needed to fix Chicago Public Schools’ budget. How did the school district get into this shape? (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Abraham Lincoln said, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.” Lawmakers in Springfield need to apply that thought to pension reform. (Chicago Tribune)
  • Sen. Linda Holmes, D-Aurora, is an example of the lawmakers who are “sinking Illinois” with the stands on pension reform (Chicago Tribune)